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We promote Arab/West-African business connections

We promote business connections between Arab and Middle Eastern businessmen to participate in opportunities in West Africa and vice-versa.

Business Connections

Connect to key players in West African and Arabian markets.

Thoughtful Solutions

We craft well-thought through solutions to your needs.

Safe Investments

Invest in businesses knowing they are credible.

Growing Relations

Build relationships through our events, conferences and fairs.


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Full Range of Services

We provide a wide range of services all aimed at enabling businesses
and creating the conducive environment for relationships to thrive.

Document Certification

We'll help you certify all your documents to enable your operations.

Document Translation

Translate documents between French, English and Arabic at your convenience.

Business Matchmaking

We identify and connect businesses with common interests.

Trade Fairs

Showcase your products and acquire customers through our trade fairs.

Investment Fairs

Identify and invest in viable businesses opportunities across regions.


Learn and stay educated about both regions through our conferences and events.

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    • Vision
    • Mission

    Connect The Arab World To West Africa

    To build the biggest and the most effective Arab Business Chamber in Africa and provide business advice for new investors who want to start new businesses from Arab countries into West Africa.

    • Enabling business relations
    • Providing easy access to information
    • Softening the grounds for launching operations

    Advocacy, Relevant Advice and Services

    To provide advocacy services for Arab businesses, with superb value, high-quality, relevant advice and services that have the ability to enhance their growth and development in contemporary economy.

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    We connect 22 countries

    Our Partner Countries


    Accra, Ghana (Headquarters)




    West African Countries


    Arabian Countries


    Events Promoted


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